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The Question:Fish Sauce
I was interested in purchasing some of the Tasty Bite indian dishes and noted one has fish sauce. How can I be sure this did not contain nonkosher items as the only thing listed in the ingredients was fish sauce? Is this safe to buy even with certification? Check item Green Curry with Jasmine Rice. Thanks for looking into it.
The AnswerTasty Bite has a full range of kosher certified dishes and meals on sale; your Green Curry & Jasmine Rice is NOT amongst the items sold via their site. The kosher certificate on the other hand DOES list the dish as kosher certified.

Please go again to the site, and check the kosher certificate for the contact info of the Rabbi and simply ask him.

No, you can't rely on the ingredients list only as in most countries ingredients with a quantity of 2% and less have not to be listed (only if containing allergens they have to).